Asset: The requirements

As in any other software development project, the requirements for the inventory software that is about to be reimplemented using Mango (as mentioned in this post) are not written in stone and may change over the time. For once the current solution has been in service for nearly ten years […]

Call a spade a spade

As mentioned in the previous post in the next weeks/and months I’m trying to create a real world Mango application that will be used in an production environment. During this process I will blog about the various aspects of this effort and to be able to talk about it, the […]


First real Mango application and eating your own dogfood

I’m very happy (and a little proud) to announce that Mango will for the first time be used in the context of a development project to replace an old legacy web application with a new Mango based one. Unfortunately I’m not allowed to tell where this will take place, but […]

Keep the light green

Sometimes even a simple walldisplay (like the Jenkins walldisplay plugin) to show the current status for a Jenkins build is to complicated to understand and you want to boil down the current project/build status to a simple traffic light like red, yellow or green signal (management loves these simple three […]



Monitoring Mango applications

A frequently asked question after deploying an application is in the best case “How is the application performing?” and in the (more common) worst case “Why is it not performing as expected?”. To find the answer to these questions, application metrics are always useful to get an idea about what […]

Graphite, Carbon and Grafana 2.x Vagrant box

For testing purposes I needed a local Grafana 2.x installation to play with. Google gives you several ready to use Vagant/Docker setups but must of them are based on Grafana 1.x. So if you need a local Grafana 2.x have a look at the Vagrant box I created ( To […]


Managing and testing your Jenkins environment using Ansible and Vagrant

Due to many migration problems with my Jenkins build infrastructure (from one cloud provider to another) which mostly originated from long forgotten configuration tweaks on the original server, this time I took some extra time to transfer all this knowledge into a proper configuration management system so that the next […]

Deploying a web application (war) into a vagrant container using ansible

At the moment, the showcase application for my web application framework is hosted in the AWS cloud using the AWS Beanstalk service (as described in this post). Unfortunately my free usage period for the Amazon services timed out and despite the really great and easy way to deploy web applications […]


I still don’t get it…

Because I had to explain to a few people what exactly the goal of the framework I’m working on is, I created a small “product page” that sums up the most important features: Feel free to contact me on Hangout/Google+/Mail if you have more questions.