Providing test fixtures in Gradle projects

Providing test utility classes or test fixtures for other projects in Gradle environments can be an annoying and cumbersome endeavor. Often the solutions involve the creation of extra projects to provide the needed testing functionality for other modules or projects, or include manipulation of Gradle source sets and configurations. This post shows how to achieve this using functionality that is already included in Gradle and Junit.

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JVM: As time goes by

I just want to parse a timestamp on the JVM If you are in a hurry and just want to know which JVM (Java/Kotlin) library can parse which date formats look –>here<– for an overview. Alternatively, read on when you want to know why this page exists… But Why? I have been developing software on the JVM platform roughly 20 years now. Every now and then, I need to parse a date from its text representation into the seconds since epoch or just to have it as an object to do some date arithmetics. [Read More]
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