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Referring to a previous post about developer experience, a re-occurring need when writing automation and/or glue code for software or infrastructure projects is to ensure all required software is installed on the execution machine. A lot of software exists to achieve this goal, e.g. NixOS or asdf, but sometimes a little bash can be enough to get the same results. Solidblocks Shell Software provides a small set of easy to use functions to install commonly used software for infrastructure projects.

The basic building blocks are the software_ensure_* functions like software_ensure_terraform which ensures that a certain software package is downloaded to a local .bin dir. Those software packages can then be prepended to the $PATH by the software_set_export_path function. For more details see Solidblocks Shell Software

The example below show a skeleton do-file leveraging this functionality

#!/usr/bin/env bash

set -eu -o pipefail

DIR="$(cd "$(dirname "$0")" ; pwd -P)"

# self contained function for initial solidblocks bootstrapping
function bootstrap_solidblocks() {
  local default_dir="$(cd "$(dirname "$0")" ; pwd -P)"
  local install_dir="${1:-${default_dir}/.solidblocks-shell}"


  local temp_file="$(mktemp)"

  mkdir -p "${install_dir}"
  curl -L "${SOLIDBLOCKS_SHELL_VERSION}/solidblocks-shell-${SOLIDBLOCKS_SHELL_VERSION}.zip" > "${temp_file}"
  echo "${SOLIDBLOCKS_SHELL_CHECKSUM}  ${temp_file}" | sha256sum -c
  cd "${install_dir}"
  unzip -o -j "${temp_file}" -d "${install_dir}"
  rm -f "${temp_file}"

# makes sure all lib functions are available
# and all bootstrapped software is on the $PATH
function ensure_environment() {

  if [[ ! -d "${DIR}/.solidblocks-shell" ]]; then
    echo "environment is not bootstrapped, please run ./do bootstrap first"
    exit 1

  source "${DIR}/.solidblocks-shell/"
  source "${DIR}/.solidblocks-shell/"
  source "${DIR}/.solidblocks-shell/"
  source "${DIR}/.solidblocks-shell/"
  source "${DIR}/.solidblocks-shell/"


# bootsrapping of solidblocks and all
# needed software for the project
function task_bootstrap() {


# run the downloaded terraform version, ensure_environment ensures
# the downloaded versions takes precedence over any system binaries
function task_terraform {
  terraform -version

function task_usage {
  cat <<EOF
Usage: $0

  bootstrap               initialize the development environment


    terraform             run terraform
  exit 1

shift || true

# if we see the boostrap command assume solidshell is not yet initialized and skip environment setup
case "${ARG}" in
  bootstrap) ;;
  *) ensure_environment ;;

case ${ARG} in
  bootstrap) task_bootstrap "$@" ;;
  terraform) task_terraform "$@" ;;
  *) task_usage ;;

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