Hetzner RDS Postgres

An often overlooked alternative to the big players in the cloud market is the Hetzner Cloud, developed by the well known German hosting company Hetzner. Of course, it can’t compete with the 2 gazillion services from AWS but it doesn’t need to, because it already contains the basic building blocks for deploying scalable applications.. Namely, an equivalent for EC2, VPC, ALB, and EBS. What’s missing though is a replacement for RDS which makes it difficult to run any application that stores state in an SQL database. [Read More]

Commons Tools Utilities Helper and Libraries (cthuhl)

To give all that small bits and bolts that pile up over time a home I created a repository over at https://github.com/pellepelster/ctuhl to host all this stuff. And because everyone loves easy to renember acronyms it’s called ctuhl because it contains Commons Tools Utilites Helpers and Libraries.

The first iteration contains some shell functions to around retrieving and uncompressing data from the internet, especially products from HashiCorp.

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SNippet EXtractor

This SNippet EXtractor (snex) utility helps you with the task of keeping code samples inside of documentation in sync with real world code from your sources. The issues this solves is that source examples in documentation tends to get outdated very quick. By pulling the source directly from a working project you can make sure the source examples used in you docs are always up to date.

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CA secured SSH connections

This post will show you how to use vault, signed SSH keys and some bash glue code to secure SSH connections, make them more verifiable and allow flexible access to your SSH servers.

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